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Michael Rudzik Beach Header

If you are planning to visit the Middle East sometime soon, then you might be interested in hearing that there are many wonderful beaches in this region. You can find several beautiful beaches to explore that will keep you and your family happy. Read on to look at the best beaches that The Middle East has to offer. 


Saadiyat Island has an amazing beach area that you must visit if you happen to be traveling to Abu Dhabi. This is a great place to take the family when you’re looking to unwind. It is a natural habitat for turtles, and your kids are going to love spotting them. Also, you might be lucky enough to spot dolphins since they are regularly seen in the area. This is a beach that you must visit in The Middle East if you ever have the opportunity. 


Nissi Beach has become quite famous for its pristine waters. This is a great beach to visit if your travels are taking you to Cyprus. You’ll also love that this area has some incredible nightlife. If you’re traveling as a single individual or in a group that just wants to have fun, visiting Nissi Beach is going to be an appealing option. 


Salalah is in Oman, and it’s a bit of a hidden gem as far as Middle Eastern beaches go. The beaches at Salalah are generally not that busy, so you can have fun enjoying them with friends. You’ll be able to soak in the stunning view, and the temperatures will always be moderate. Just remember that you need to ensure that you don’t disturb the area, and there is a rule that says you have to pick up after yourself to leave no trace that you were there. 

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is in Dubai, and this is another beach area that you just can’t miss. It’s a perfect spot for visiting families who want to have fun out on the water. You can enjoy watersports such as kitesurfing, paddle boarding, and wakeboarding if you’re so inclined. There are many fun activities on the shore as well, such as volleyball. 

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a famous location that has an incredible beach for you to enjoy. This giant saltwater lake is something that anyone who is visiting Israel will want to experience. It doesn’t have marine life, but it is definitely a lovely location that will be sure to please your family.