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You might be in awe of a new country or place when you’re traveling on vacation. It might not be a good idea to look like a tourist, though. Standing out in this way could make you an easier target for scams in the area. Blending in as a local is going to keep you safer in the long run. 

Dress Like the Locals

Dressing like the locals will be a great way to try to blend in. If you wear a lot of tourist-oriented clothing items, then everyone is going to know that you’re a tourist. Avoid the “I Love New York” shirt and try to dress as the locals do. This is the best way to look like you belong there, and you won’t be nearly as easy of a target for potential scammers. 

Eat at Local Spots

Eat at local spots instead of going to tourist-oriented spots. The local eateries are going to have the best food in the area. People who live in the city that you’re visiting are going to know where all of the best spots really are. You can enjoy some fine eating while also saving a bit of money by eating at the good local spots instead of expensive restaurants that appeal to tourists. 

Use the Public Transportation Systems

Using public transportation systems will be a better way to blend in than calling for a cab all the time. Most countries have really great transportation systems that you can use to your advantage. These are fast and affordable ways to get where you’re going. Consider using the transportation systems to your full advantage to really live like the locals do in the place that you’re visiting. 

Try Not to Look Confused

Try not to look confused all the time if you can help it. Many tourists wind up standing out like a sore thumb due to looking around in wonderment. Try to plan out your route ahead of time so that you can avoid looking too much like a confused tourist. If you do wind up getting lost, then calmly walk to a nearby place of business, and discreetly ask for assistance so that you can continue with your day.